Bored To Alaska


Alaska’s New Cutting Edge Podcast

By Jesse Busick
I was recently invited by an old friend  Russ Ariel, to take part in the taping of Bored To Alaska’s next podcast.  I was excited because I had always enjoyed talking with Russ.  He always had some poignant point to make on current affairs or just how he was was having a bad “F@#!ing Day”.
I hadn’t seen Russ for years and when I walked into the studio it was like we had just left the bar last night after a marathon drink fest (there was a lot to talk about).  Russ and his good buddy  Scott Culhane, have always enjoyed a good conversation as well.  Actually, these conversations we are so fond of take the form of an edgy roast where anything and anyone is free game. Nothing like it.
As I sat down with Russ and Scott, along with Scott’s life long buddy Ryan Mezich,  I realized that this came very naturally to these guys.  They just sit around the table and let it fly and every once and awhile they remember there’s a mike in front of them.  We covered everything from Korea to private parts being displayed on one’s shirt in the work place.  I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.  I really enjoyed my time with these guys and I have to admit, at times…. I had forgotten we were taping as well.
These three make an amazing powerhouse and they really speak for today’s younger crowd who are looking for a voice.  You can find them on YouTube, @MR.BEARRINGTON, & @SCOTTCULHANE.