How Do You Live Your Life?

How Do You Live Your Life?

By Polly Wirum

Last night, my family and I watched the movie “The Giver”. The theme of the movie is based on a futuristic society that has removed all memories of past generations and social issues. Emotions such as fear and pain no longer existed,….

but neither did love. The higher members of society believed removing emotions provided a stable, safe environment to live in. After watching this movie I wondered what has a greater effect on our day to day life. Do our memories and knowledge of all past generation’s triumphs and tragedies overpower our own personal thoughts?

My life has allowed me to be a parent, wife, nurse, intuitive life coach and much more. I have often thought that if we really listened to our words and monitored our thoughts we could find peace. How often do we find ourselves in a situation wishing we could take back what was said? How often do we stop and remind ourselves that negative thoughts do not serve us well? We have the ability to turn every situation around. We can find the positive versus the negative in almost any situation. I understand that some situations hide the positive aspects for a long time (that is different than all the thoughts that float through your head all day long).

Today, my house is a mess. I need to make dozens of cookies to put in the mail. I have kids that need help with final projects (I have these thoughts), but I can change them to recognizing that I am lucky that I have a great house for my family. I am lucky that my daughter has taken over the baking and my other daughter is helping our son with his project. I can remind myself that I have all day to get these things done. If I don’t get it done it doesn’t really matter…life goes on (it is part of the process). Do we choose to enjoy life or create situations that hinder our joy? Are we choosing unhappiness and stress over love and peace?

Certainly, our childhood memories and knowledge of past events affect our day to day life. Yet, we have the ability to determine the thoughts that are related to past situations. Do we choose to recognize the love in our childhood versus hanging onto the pain in our childhood? Are we teaching our children that they can’t control some situations but they can control their thoughts and actions? Teaching our children and ourselves the ability to find gratitude in life will serve all generations. Our current thoughts are what provides our emotional balance for the day. What are you choosing?

Here is further understanding of the same idea. Negative thoughts, “Do Not” serve us well but negative events/tragedies/hardships that we experience can bring about positive changes in our life and teach us positive lessons (we can learn and grow from these lessons in positive ways). The “sadness” that we might experience from a negative event or thought can be harnessed and transformed into a positive thought, goal or a positive change in one’s approach to life. It’s these negative events that occur for individuals that arguably bring about the greatest good that mankind has experienced – that is, love, compassion, kindness and friendship. The reflection on the negative event or experience might bring about a positive, fresh inspiration to continue to do good. Albeit the reflection on the negative experience needs to be a healthy one. It needs to be a grounded reflection and not a dwelling which blurs one’s ability to move past it.

When it’s an unhealthy reflection, it’s not an event to inspire positive change or action but a mental handicap that drags a person down and causes depression. So, I believe it’s how you choose to feel and think about what you are seeing, hearing or reading. The sad events/tragedies in life are what make our positive thoughts truly, “positive thoughts”. They are what give actual meaning to the word “positive”, the word “compassion”, the word “anger”, the word “hatred” and the word “ love”. They are what inspire emotions like “joy and “peace”.

I think this is a big part of the message from the movie as well. The bad, horrible and the negative can inspire people to love and do good. They can give people the strength to go beyond what they would normally think they were capable of achieving. What has moved you into a position of love?