Stranger In The House

Ghost Stories

Anonymous, December 2014


In 1982, my six year old son and I were living in a mobile home in Muldoon.  One evening he and I, along with a friend of mine, were watching television in the living room.  From the couch, you could see down the hallway of the mobile home.  My son was standing in front of the couch and facing toward the hallway.  He suddenly had a surprised look on his face and I looked toward the hallway where he was looking.  I saw an older man, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt standing in the hallway. He had graying hair and he appeared disheveled.  It appeared the he had just stepped out of the bathroom.  He turned his head toward us and then stepped into the lean-to.  The lean-to consisted of two rooms – a larger room which was the master bedroom, and a laundry room.  My friend and I rushed back to the lean-to, assuming there was an intruder in the house.  We found no one.  The only exterior doors from the lean-to were locked with bolt locks and neither was unlocked.
I do not know who this man was.  I never saw him again but I am certain, he did not enter or leave through the exterior doors of the lean-to and could not have come in the front door, as he would have walked right by us to get to the hallway.  To this day, my son and I both remember this incident well and I, for one, have always believed we saw a ghost that evening.