Zombie Smart Devices

By Alicia Busick | TDL Contributor Friday, 1/30/15 Ever dropped your new shiny smart device? Of course you have; a few more dozen times than you care to admit. There are several techniques to damaging a phone, not just the standard drop and smash. There’s the ‘Crack and Shatter’, the ‘Catapult Surprise’, the ‘Frozen Death’, [...]


By Jessica Roberts | Author Dreaming is the Word Behind My Eyes People are so quick To fall into habit Habitual routines Day, noon, night Time is now Present Here “Where,” doesn’t matter Of fact, facts, they matter More important Validity To make time move Over to another thought now Because we are always moving [...]

Candice Barley

What projects are you currently working on or have just finished?   Candice: Currently I am working on a film in Mississippi. It's a drama about a family and their horse ranch. I play a mother devastated by the loss of her husband. She is desperatly trying to keep her family and ranch from falling [...]

The Number 8

By Jesse Busick | TDL | Tuesday, 1/26/15 Recently, Annalisa Tornfelt  of Black Prairie out of Portland, Oregon, spent 8 hours with an old analog 8-track and laid down a family of songs (some even going back ten years) that have been crying to get out.  Rumor even has it, Jonny Cash, Hank Williams and [...]

Give Yourself Permission

By Jen Evanson | Jen For You Saturday, January 24, 2015 Ever notice how stress bogs us down with a suffocating sense of overwhelm?  Living in this mental state can make even simple tasks seem daunting, thus breeding more anxiety.   Sometimes in our 'bury-head-in-sand' mode we reach for less than healthy coping mechanisms, which [...]