Your Life…

Your life is becoming the perfect match for your soul…



I have been blessed to have many people share intimate pieces of their life with me.  I am always honored by this.  One theme  frequently comes up, as people talk about their life.  It is often a recognition of  what they don’t want..   They will discuss and look at every possible angle why something occurred . They want to understand how other people feel about past actions… They frequently want revenge!  I get this …  It is a frequent stumbling block in life.


It has taken years, little by little , of practicing the ability to step back and recognize what is not serving me. Often what is not serving me, are my own thoughts and actions.   As I became aware of this , it opened the door for peace.


I have worked with clients that are so riddled with anger they can’t move on.  They are unable to move forward because they are stuck in a miserable past.  When clients start to see something in their life that brings comfort , they  build on that.  When they realize letting go of the past opens the door for a beautiful future it’s amazing. It is so rewarding when they tell me they have forgiven someone.  Or they have found peace with a situation.  Then are able to move on, they are finally living in the moment.  These are amazing moments!!!


When you are living in the moment, your life becomes the perfect match for your soul.  There is no beginning and no end….. there is only now.


Ten ways to help live in the moment


Let go of what is not bringing peace
Remember our actions and beliefs are creating our world
have gratitude
be brave
Remember we each have a personal team of divine guidance!
take time for yourself
recognize the beauty in animals and nature and human emotions
Wishing each and everyone one of us Peace on Earth……  And always a Thank you for all that have helped me on my journey!!