Story Of My Life

By Jessica Roberts | TDL

I kind of want to be

Where no one else knows me

A shadow amongst natives

A different place at a different pace

Free from the brain trapped in constant rain

My shoulders cannot relax

It might be motivation that I lack

I have been waiting, which is awfully frustrating

Debating if it’s me or the weather changing

Deciding that it’s merely life I am facing

Your words should not be wasted

Repeating statements you’ve already stated

Love is lust, in like of something significant

Until I read the letter you sent,

You are still very important

My connective tissue hurts

Receiving your love in short bursts

Lacking a certain warmth

Forgetting about the firsts

Left with promise upon promise

Shots that were intended to miss

Cracked lips spared a fragile kiss

A million thoughts travel at light speed

Often inconsistent with my needs

Bringing me to my already bruised knees

This vision is an illusion, at best

Light the fire, watch it infest

I am moving along without the rest

There is a place that hasn’t seen my face

I have brought a mask, just in case

I already left without a trace

To feed the burning in my bones

I’ve left a note, I’m not coming home

I don’t mind traveling alone

In this world, that’s the way you’re born

My honesty is hopeless

Swerving in and out of focus

I have lost you and you know this

A lonely send-off with a broken kiss

In a town where no one knows me

A quaint village near the sea

I sit alone beneath a tree

Wishing I only knew the real me