Waiting For The Plane To Land

By Polly Wirum | Gateways 2 Peace


This weekend I was catching up with a friend.  As I inquired about her job prospects, she mentioned she doesn’t get excited until the plane lands.  I thought this was very funny.  I get excited just knowing the plane is coming.


This conversation helped me remember the importance of putting energy towards our dreams, as well as enjoying what we have already accomplished.  We need to have a balance of how we live our life, while we pursue our goals.  When you have clearly established your goals and or dreams hold that vision.  I love having pictures or some form of concrete proof of what I’ll have in my life.  It is just as important to take notice of the small accomplishments along the way and celebrate them.  The bottom line is, get excited for the many planes that will land in your life, but also celebrate the path to the plane…..