Short Poems With Wes

-stay frosty-

It smells like winter
Like metal, cold steel
But a chill is not the cold that I feel
For our world is so lonely
But I’m not afraid
I’ll burn my own fire, and patiently wait
I won’t kick and scream as I meet my fate
For a man lives immortal, if he creates

-in a Jar-

Oh fair woman, you sold me a jar
Talked of its merits, than took it off far
Sent me a message ’bout it’s fine quality
That the patterns and edging were made just for me
I was blind at the time, a lust for its design
It would fit in my study, and dazzle devine
But the time came to meet, you never were there
The jug you had sold me, was made if thin air


As a mythical beast I have rumored to see
I found your sweet scent mythical unto me
So I set out to hunting, set foot and grit teeth
Steeled my heart for the battle, with earth under neath
but the battle was short, I was doomed from the start
You casually grabbed me, and ripped out my heart.
It felt good in your hands, and as I wished it would stay
You dropped it nonchalantly, and then walked away