Happy You Year!-Lets Change Up The Idea Of Resolutions

When it comes to resolutions, are you a chronic “goal-failer”?


By Jen Evanson | Pure Skincare Boutique


The concept sounds so appealing – to start

a year fresh by resolving to replace old,

adverse stuff with healthy new solutions

sounds simple, right? The idea is great, and

for a short time we are 100% committed to

our new endeavor…until we aren’t anymore

and this becomes painfully obvious when

we start making ridiculous excuses as to


why we can’t go to the gym today because ‘my dog looks tired and needs to

be snuggled’ or ‘no carbs on weekdays except pizza Wednesdays and

margarita Fridays’. Usually about 3-4 weeks after our initial gung

ho efforts, guilt creeps in and, we begin to slowly slide back into our

more comfortable, less beneficial habits. Let’s face it, sometimes life (or

margaritas) get in the way of sticking to our goals, but that’s totally okay

and here’s why:


Annual resolutions can feel like deciding to wear green every day for the

entire year. Why would we subject ourselves to such torture and leave out

the possibility to try out all the other colors of the rainbow? Some days we

won’t want to wear green at ALL so why beat ourselves up over it? Because

3 months ago we vowed to ourselves to commit to something? Who wants

to feel full of failure and guilt when that doesn’t happen? Ugh, gross. What

if the goal itself is too lofty and we’ve over-committed to an impossible

task? Maybe it’s more about the follow-through than the act itself. We

desperately don’t want to fail so we force ourselves to keep going and push

through, but for what? If it causes us such pain how can this be serving our

highest good?


What if we try a new approach to goal setting that doesn’t set us up for failure:


Do what suits your mood for each day and allow yourself to go with the

flow. If you want to move your body, do it. If you’re exhausted and all you

want to do rest, bring on the sweatpants!

By relinquishing control and actually paying attention to how you feel you

may discover new color combinations all together that you never before

thought possible! Instead of resolving to confine yourself to one arduous

task that surely will not suit 365 continuous days, decide to be open and

take each day as it comes. Listen to both your body and heart and do one

thing each day to fulfill your desires. Then you’ll never feel as if you’ve

failed miserably, rather celebrated and deeply cared for because you’ve

been gentle with yourself.

Perhaps this year it’s all about changing up our resolutions to suit our

mood for the day, and instead of faulting ourselves for falling off the wagon

we simply reset and start fresh when necessary (because that will happen


We may find by honoring our daily desires we naturally

encourage ourselves to care more about our quality of life.

Now, every day can feel free and filled with opportunity for creativity, flow,

and newness. Let’s make this our year to change things up for the better!

Q: What’s your take on resolutions? Is there a concept that works (or

doesn’t work) for you? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about how we

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With love & gratitude,
Jen Evanson (JenForYou)