Lonnie Dangerous


Self Made Man

By Jesse Busick | TDL | January 20, 2015

Lonnie Council (AKA Lonnie Dangerous), recently talked with TDL and shared what he’s been up to since he left Alaska.  Lonnie attended Uof A here in Anchorage and studied business.  He has since put his business skills to good use by “his debut rap cd, LONNIE DANGEROUS – JUST THE TIP”, where he won Alaska’s 2012 CD Of The Year.


It was not surprising when Lonnie said that one of his influences in life has been Bo Jackson. He currently is living in Southern California as a musician, actor, comedian and much more. “I’m influenced by so much because my interest are diverse. But I’m into greatness” , Lonnie said.
Most successful people that I have talked with  are “good” at a lot of things but they are “great” at that “one thing”.  Lonnie is obviously good at a lot of things but I want you to watch this video and see that “one thing” that Lonnie has.  This is a really amazing story.
“I started performing as a child, I remember my parents having parties and waking me up in the middle of the night to put on a show. Even in Jr. high I emceed and rapped all the pep rallies at Mears. It’s inside of me, I would give full shows in my room alone. Like a horse loves to run…”, He said.  At this point in Lonnie’s career he’s starting to pull into a full gallop.


He is currently doing stand up in the comedy circuit in Hollywood and working on new material for a comic album.  Music is still a very large part of his life as he is currently recording in the studio” with producers N8Beats (produced for tech-9), and Flaco Da Great (produced for Chris Brown)”.  And, if that is not enough. In his spare time he is acting in TV and Movies.  “.. I shot a movie in Alaska called SAFE IN THE VILLAGE. About teens in rural areas dealing with sex, drugs, alcohol and their futures produced by ANTHC…”. It will be on local TV and Lonnie said he performed the theme song for the movie.


Lonnie mentioned that he would be looking to come back to Alaska to perform and has been tossing around the idea with a few promoters.  We will let you know when we hear something and for the man who is “from up North”, we wish you the best as you “get around”. TDL


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