Give Yourself Permission

By Jen Evanson | Jen For You
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ever notice how stress bogs us down with a suffocating sense of overwhelm?  Living in this mental state can make even simple tasks seem daunting, thus breeding more anxiety.


Sometimes in our ‘bury-head-in-sand’ mode we reach for less than healthy coping mechanisms, which almost never fixes our problem.


I’m here to tell you…we all feel this way at some point and it’s totally OK!


We each have our ‘thing’ that triggers unhealthy thoughts and habits.  But are we going about dealing with them all wrong?  What if we embrace the quirks that make us uniquely who we are and let ourselves off the hook for feeling the way we do.


Watch this video to learn my method for banishing unwanted feelings of frustration by turning our challenges into purposeful assets.  Brilliant!


Check it out HERE *embed link to JenForYou site/video


After the video, join the conversation and share your thoughts with our community.
Q: What personality quirk can you transform into an asset?


With love and gratitude,
Jen Evanson – Happiness Advocate