Candice Barley

What projects are you currently working on or have just finished?



Currently I am working on a film in Mississippi. It’s a drama about a family and their horse ranch. I play a mother devastated by the loss of her husband. She is desperatly trying to keep her family and ranch from falling apart but is not doing well. Luckily her sister (Amy Brassette) and her daughter (Danielle Campbell) are strong when she cannot be. It is a beautiful story about  strong women becoming stronger and more grounded then they ever thought possible. It’s a family friendly film with lots of heart and horses! Which I love!!


Right before I began filming in Mississippi I wrapped on a new docu-series called “Moment of Truth” for ABC television network. There will be 7 episodes with the first beginning March 6th. Each one is based on a true event. The episode I filmed is about a police officer, Pete Soulis played by Holt Boggs, who was shot in 1995. The story follows the night he was shot and the events leading up to it. I play his wife Sheryl Soulis. This was a very interesting project for me because I was portraying a real person. I watched  hours of video of Sheryl so I could learn who she was, her demeanor and the relationship she had with her husband. I am most fascinated by real life stories. They are what I hope to one day work on most often.


Are their any projects that you have coming up that you can share with us?



Well I am reading for a few projects but nothing is solidified yet. I do have a project that is in the works but not off the ground yet. It is based on the true story of the last known slave ship to come into the United States after slavery had long been abolished. I can’t go too much into the storyline but what I can share is that it’s an incredible story of strong women, both black and white pulling together and making a difference. I will portray Sarah Lamar and I take the responsibility of that so seriously. I study, pray, dream and think of her all the time. I actually went to the plantation where she lived in Georgia and the area where the African’s were brought in by the river. You can still feel the power of the events that took place there….I will not rest until this story is told. I have her portrait as the screen saver on my phone. I look at her and promise I won’t stop until the world knows who she is and what she and the others did

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On the set of  Left Behind
“The Puzzle Jug” with Donny Boaz

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