Zombie Smart Devices

By Alicia Busick | TDL Contributor
Friday, 1/30/15

Ever dropped your new shiny smart device? Of course you have; a few more dozen times than you care to admit. There are several techniques to damaging a phone, not just the standard drop and smash. There’s the ‘Crack and Shatter’, the ‘Catapult Surprise’, the ‘Frozen Death’, and let’s not forget everyone’s all time favorite; the ‘Olympic Toilet Dive.’ We rush to rescue our precious digital babies; check the damage praying for a miracle of unscathed encounter but alas, fragmented dreams of Facebook frolicking and shards of not-so-smart-anymore pieces reveal our device’s doom. But as the need for repair grows, a hero rises in the midst. Cue Kody LaFond, Repair Technician at For My Cell has seen the mass of riled, twisted and almost unidentifiable devices. When a replacement for your phone can run up $1000 (new iPhone 6 with no contract via OverStock.com), a repair might not only save your phone but your wallet. The additional boon is the recovery (hopefully) of your photos, contacts and more.


Currently, you can visit For My Cell in Wasilla but Kody also does on calls for Palmer and Anchorage. He’s currently worked with Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, etc. He’s seen a lot and also fixes screens, buttons, charging ports, software issues, batteries; just about anything. It seems a repair is just a call away. So what advice does the Surgeon of Smart Devices give?


“It is better to have a case than nothing at all,” he suggested.


“We sell all kinds of cases and accessories. If I were to recommend any I would say Lifeproof or Otterbox.”


Kody’s the man with smart device repair. I had my pick of the litter of repair photos and before and after shots. With my own smashed smarty starting back at me, I’m definitely going to make a call. I blame the dog…

617 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd., Suite B
Wasilla, AK  99654
(907) 357-7464