Meet Gábor, world traveler and collector of humanity's unique array of photogenic people. He believes in one Human Race and his traveling documentary tells of his incredible journey through beautiful and skilled photography. Much like the 'Humans of' pages, PEOPLEIMEET introduces his fans to people from the world over via posts to social media. Shared [...]

Peer-to-Peer Travel Planning

By Alicia Busick | TDL | 1/4/15 ANCHORAGE – It’s the new way to rent a car in the 21st century and a growing marketplace for smart spending; the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or share economy. For the last decade, P2P business has been changing the way people buy goods and services; people can monetize down time [...]

Thord Moller

By Jesse Busick | TDL | 2/3/15 Get used to hearing the name Thord Moller.  The Daily Ledge came across Thord recently and were amazed by his vocal range at such a young age. He's a singer and song writer out of Romakloster, Sweden who enjoys an occasional cover song.  Check out his rendition of Jet [...]

Moving Out Of Tight Spaces

By Polly Wirum | Gateways 2 Peace   Sometimes we feel the crunch of what we should do, or what others expect us to do...  To me this feels like a tight restrictive place to be..   I am currently in the uncomfortable place of leaving an old situation and not fully landed in my [...]

Macabre Gallery

Above piece by Jean Marc LaRoche   Mr Alberto Sisi, the CEO and Founder of Macabre Gallery in London recently took the time to speak with TDL and share about his love for the Dark Arts.     Could you give us the back story on the beginnings of the Macabre Gallery?   Mr Sisi [...]