Macabre Gallery

Above piece by Jean Marc LaRoche


Mr Alberto Sisi, the CEO and Founder of Macabre Gallery in London recently took the time to speak with TDL and share about his love for the Dark Arts.



Could you give us the back story on the beginnings of the Macabre Gallery?


Mr Sisi

The truth is that Macabre Gallery was something unplanned. From childhood I have always loved art and often went to museums and art galleries to admire the exhibited works. I soon grew bored with traditional classic still life, portraits and realistic landscapes. These works meant nothing to me. A good work of art gives one so many sensations like reading a good book, but, if the book is empty or neutral I am not interested.


With the advent of the internet, I was able to get to know many new artists from around the world, new styles, new techniques, and new sensations. I discovered many shocking works; works that represented the darkest side of human beings.  Works like these were being censored by the galleries and museums.

Sandra Yagi
Jose Henandez Arquetipo

Some people think that Dark Art is violent, but, it is the contrary. The majority of the works show our deepest feelings sarcastically to make us stop and think about it.


When I was young I studied web design, and I made a modest website for testing while I was learning. I had to choose a subject for the site, so I chose my favorite subject, the Dark Arts. At that time I didn’t know that the style was called “Dark Art”, I simply wrote about works that I enjoyed.


To my surprise the site was very successful and received many positive comments in regards to the style. Some years later I turned my hobby into my job and I decided to dedicate myself to art professionally. And this is how I opened the first art gallery specializing in Dark Art.


Please elaborate on the different patrons that visit your gallery.


Mr Sisi

I have had clients of all types, but if you want to know statistics, most are between 20 and 40 years, men and women alike. Most from countries like USA, France, UK, Germany and Mexico. Some are art investors, and others just want to take home a stunning work to draw the attention of all their visitors.


Have you received encouragement from others outside the art communities towards your gallery?


Mr Sisi

I do not know the world outside the art communities. That world is more “weird” than my gallery


What events are approaching through your gallery that our readers would want to know about?


Mr Sisi

At this time we are organizing an exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. We will be showing renowned artists from around the world, with the likes of Saturno Buttò (Italy), Michael Hutter (Germany), Tomasz Alen Kopera (Ireland), Sandra Yagi (United States), Jean Francois Bouron (France), Trëz Orb (France), Christine Morren (Belgium), and Arturo Esparza (México).


Some of these artists have never exhibited in Ireland, so it will be the first one. To all readers from Ireland and the UK who want to enjoy an unusual and extraordinary exhibition may do so from March 26 to 1st May 2015, tthanks to a magnificent art gallery with which we collaborate, called GalleryX:


The Macabre Gallery Show I

March 26 – May 1, 2015

GalleryX, 3 Herbert Street, Dublin, D2, Ireland