Moving Out Of Tight Spaces

By Polly Wirum | Gateways 2 Peace


Sometimes we feel the crunch of what we should do, or what others expect us to do…  To me this feels like a tight restrictive place to be..


I am currently in the uncomfortable place of leaving an old situation and not fully landed in my new spot….  In other words, I’m at a crossroads in life.  I am passionate about spirituality and discovering our true potential.  Really I love it!  I love the vastness of it, the peace, the mystery , the knowing that everything is really OK.  I love doing intuitive readings ( I am in awe of what occurs).  I love sharing messages that bring peace.   As this passion grows I continue to look for opportunities to share.


I found myself starting my own business.  I offered  free coaching, free intuitive readings… I started my website.. I found myself really busy!  I now charge for my services. I have a business that offers intuitive coaching, intuitive readings and a spiritual group that meets weekly…  Plus I have a family!  We live a very traditional life.  A very private life.  I didn’t even have a face book account.  I volunteered at the school and was on PTA…   I’m a swim and cheer mom!  There was not much room for me to wave my new flag!


Family will always come first in my decision making.. With that being said…. I am now in the process of creating exactly what I want my life to look like.  I am replacing the stay at home mom ( very thankful I was a stay at home mom) with ….  I am an amazing mother, a great wife, a fabulous intuitive and so much more!!


I love working with opened minded people looking for answers.  I love family issues and just plain old everyday issues that stop us in our tracks.. If this sounds like you …  contact me. or


I will share one last tid bit with you…  In June , Sunny Dawn Johnston and Max Ryan are both joining me in Alaska for a workshop of Spiritual growth and plain old fun.   I am honored that two spiritual leaders  that I look up to so much are joining me for this fabulous weekend!


Many blessings … Polly