DeadPhish Orchestra

Close your eyes.  Imagine. Phish and the Greatful Dead had four talented children together. They live in the mystic Boulder Colorado with it’s rich Native American roots and energetic college students.


And Waaalaa! You have the well known Jam and Tribute Band DeadPhish Orchestra.  “A seamless web of Phish and Dead to split open and melt your face,” is how they describe themselves.


Chris Sheldon – Drums/Vocals

Paul Murin – Guitar/Vocals

Brian Adams – Bass/Vocals

Ted Tilton – Keyboards/Vocals


Influences – Milk & Cookies 🙂

The night started off with a fan walking up to Ted Tilton (Keyboards/Vocals), and clanging his drink with Ted’s; followed with a silent nod and smile that said “I’m seeing Elvis and Jesus right now….let’s do this!”


The bar had a combination of locals, groupies,hotel guests and even a bachelor party.  As the first strum of Paul Murin’s guitar echoed through the room, the locals, groupies,the hopeful bachelor party crowd and yes… even the hotel guests began to hover around the stage.  As the night went on, our fan that was seeing Elvis and Jesus at the same time, broke out into a sporadic Navajo Rain Dance and the crowd swayed in an unintentional unison that was really cool to watch.


These guys give a really good show and connect with the crowd in a way that I have never seen before, except maybe by their adopted parents of Phish and the Grateful Dead.


They play one more show tonight at the Sitzmark in Girdwood.  The show begins at 10pm with a reasonable $10 ticket price.