A Piece Of Work


AHHH. THE PEER PRESSURE OF WHAT’S IN AND WHAT IS NOT. Have you ever come across a piece of art that sells for tens of thousands of dollars but looks like a five year old with anger issues expressed their inner adult?  I feel this way every political spring when the political galleries of Alaska open up for our amusement.


Is the problem with the politician or their constituents? As voters, we often throw our money at and vote for the horse that tends to win a lot or at least has been in the headlines.  It’s the “sure thing” or the “lazy vote.”  The lazy vote.  That sums up most Alaskan voters these days.  If the name and face are familiar, then the lazy vote kicks in.  This is most likely the reason McDonald’s sells so many greasy hamburgers.


A moment of challenge as you walk 2015’s political galleries.  Stop and appreciate the candidate that provides some perspective to the issues that are relavent in your life.  Avoid those long standing oil paintings that only look good from far away and choose the candidate that will compliment your living space, your life and your dreams.