Kass Smiley

By Jessica Roberts, TDL


Kass Smiley, the folk-singing comedian. Kass is truly the epitome of songs and jokes dedicated to tiny wieners, marijuana, and her own vagina. She began her journey into the land of stand-up comedy five years ago, after working with kids for 10 years and not believing in the existence of 7:00 o’clock in the morning. Kass was performing at Humpy’s one night and was approached about open mic night at Rumrunner’s. After checking it out and liking what she saw, she was hooked. Kass carved herself into the comedian scene, now performing regularly at The World Famous Chilkoot Charlies and other venues throughout the state. From Nome to Homer, Kass stays busy eating fast-food, rolling joints, and telling jokes.


Kass has gained inspiration from musical comics like Stephen Lynch and Tim Minchin as well as the late great favorites like George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor. These influences make her strive to be better herself. Her writing process starts in her living room, with the T.V. muted, joint in one hand and a pen in the other, and it ends each time she exits stage right. What she starts at home makes you laugh when you see her on stage.


Every crowd has that one guy, the one who annoys the rest of the crowd and heckles the comedian. With Kass on stage, it’s three or four warnings, and then you are publicly shamed. I know. I’ve seen it. Regardless of the audience Kass reminds us that these are just jokes. She is happy to get stage time when she can. Kass is based out of Anchorage and is an active player in the community and with the super-secret club, AK Comics. For a chance to enjoy Kass Smiley, you can find her most often at Chilkoot’s, on YouTube, Facebook, and that one not-safe-for-work cable channel.