Mike Casagranda

By Jessica Roberts, March 18, 2015


Intelligent, handsome, and the best drink slinger in town, Mike Casagranda brings to the stage an aura of subtle humor mixed with real life situations of hilarity and spontaneity. Mike came onto the comedic scene two years ago, though he has always been interested in comedy. Mike has performed more than 50 shows throughout Alaska, Oregon, and Washington and his dream came true when he was able to share a stage with his personal hero, Doug Stanhope. Mike has also been inspired by Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Gallagher, minus the mess of watermelons.


Material can be found anywhere and Mike travels with his notebook in his jean pocket for that ever so often occasion where someone provides him with the keys to unlock good material. Working in the bartending industry, Mike will never run out of material. He is working hard at the World Famous Chilkoot Charlie’s and other venues to expand his set into a half-hour and with the support of his hometown, Seward, the comedy club, AK Comics, Mike will most definitely reach his goals. He enjoys the collective aspect of the comedic community and enjoys being a part of that family.


Since beginning comedy, Mike’s life has been fast-paced and he keeps looking forward to the future. Show after show, you are bound to catch him somewhere, opening for comedians that have had specials on Comedy Central or standing amongst friends next to a lonely stool that holds his Vodka Seven and trusty notebook. Mike is sure you will see him as he has no intentions of quitting any time soon.So, cats and kittens, go check him out at Chilkoot’s, on YouTube (Mike Casagranda), Facebook, or behind the bar making everyone’s knocking off time that much better.