Premera Cybersecurity Breach

Jesse Busick | March 19, 2015


President and Ceo of Premera, Jeff Roe, stated on their website today that, “Attackers gained unauthorized access to our IT systems and may have accessed the personal information of our members, employees and other people we do business with.”


According to a press release from Alaska’s Governor Bill Walker, ” Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska, the largest health care insurer in Alaska, announced a nationwide cybersecurity breach affecting 11 million people, including 700,000 Alaskans. Among those affected are approximately 80,000 current and former State of Alaska employees.”


For immediate compensation, Premera is offering two free years of, ” free credit monitoring and identity protection services“. They state that if you have been, “affected” that you will receive a letter in the mail ( this is true… I received one yesterday).  They will not be emailing or calling due to the breach of security.


“An IT security breach is a threat that has the potential to have a huge impact,” said Governor Walker, “I have instructed State of Alaska departments to review their cybersecurity procedures and those of the companies we do business with to see what we can do to protect Alaskans.”


Governor Walker’s office was notified of the breach March 17, 2015 and the breach took place March 5, 2015 according to the Governors office.  Premera states that, “On January 29, 2015, Premera Blue Cross (Premera) discovered that cyberattackers had executed a sophisticated attack to gain unauthorized access to our Information Technology (IT) systems.  Our investigation further revealed that the initial attack occurred on May 5, 2014. As part of our own investigation, we notified the FBI and are coordinating with the Bureau’s investigation into this attack.”


Premera Website:

“Premera has established a website ( to provide the most up-to-date information and links to the credit monitoring and identity theft protection services being offered to anyone affected by the incident.”