Tilted Kilt | March 20, 2015


ANCHORAGE – As Friday night offered an array of music venues, I chose to venture into the Tilted Kilt, where the male servers wear kilts and the waitresses look like Irish Hooters girls. Needless to say it wasn’t the building’s ambiance that drew me in. A band I’ve wanted to see for over a year was playing; indie folk-rock group UltraLuscious (a wife and husband duo Katie and Cameron Nance). Together they have played multiple venues including Girdwood Forest Fair, Funny River Bluegrass Festival, Anchorage Saturday Market and the Egan Center. They formed in 2010 and even though it’s just the two of them, they are a force to be reckoned with. ReverbNation ranks then #1 on the Anchorage Charts. The small family band even boasts the participation of their son. He shot the photo used for most of their media sites while playing with an iPad.


Upon my entry into the Tilted Kilt I was greeted by several friendly female hostesses. The band was on a quick break so I decided to park myself at the large pub style bar and order a local King St. Hefeweizen. The transplant bartender from upper state New York expressed his dismay with the lack of promised snow. My disappointment was the lack of cliché New York accent. He was hopeful to ride some Alaskan slopes. The bartender tells me a waiter who plays bass started the live shows at the Tilted Kilt less than two months before. The trend has been slowly catching on but UltraLuscious had a smaller crowd than most venues they play. Patrons for the Tilted Kilt were more than likely recovering from the St. Patrick’s Day mid-week celebration.


Suddenly a few gentle cords strummed from the 6 string acoustic guitar. The bluesy soulful sound echoed along with the heartfelt cry of Katie, the lead singer of UltraLuscious accompanied by her husband Cameron’s electric guitar. The rhythm swayed me; followed by my own versions of “guitar face”.


Then, came “pretty,” an original song that is a crowd favorite. This was definitely their baby. Her voice ripped through the whole restaurant like a freight train. Her performance finally caught the attention of some wayward patrons and catcalls spurred an even louder howl that had traces of Joplin herself. Head nodding ensued. Toe tapping grooves. Oh it’s on! Real blues. Real soul. Loud and amplified. It was obvious they are a treasured performance. You have to find them. They plan several shows for the summer, including the Forest Fair and Funny River Bluegrass Festival. Check them out on Facebook and ReverbNation.