Matt Burgoon

Jessica Roberts | March 23, 2015


Burgoo – an Irish version of Mulligan stew. Matthew (Matt) Burgoon, an Irish version of comedy gold at the end of the rainbow. Matt achieved comedic success at his very first performance at the end of a comedy class that his friends purchased a Groupon for him to attend; then Matt turned around to totally bomb his second performance. This did not stop Matt from continuing his journey of performing stand-up comedy. Matt lived in Los Angeles for 5 years. He worked in the entertainment industry creating movie trailers and working in post-production, which he says he hated, so he chose to pursue comedy. He was smack-dab in the middle of endless opportunities to be on stage telling jokes, sometimes 2-3 open mic’s per night, at a variety of comedy clubs. The Alaskan comedy scene piqued his interest though, and in 2013 he moved here to become a part of it. He joined the secret society AK Comics and performs regularly at Chilkoot Charlie’s opening for several nationally recognized acts like Geno Bisconte and most recently, Brett Erickson.


When it comes to influences, Matt recognizes the obvious talents that most comedians look up to like Richard Pryor and George Carlin, but states that his current spirit animal is Kyle Kinane. Matt has other favorites as well like female comedienne Morgan Murphy and SNL writer John Mulaney. Matt has a sarcastic style of comedy, finding the stupid things in life funny and pointing those out on stage. As with most comedians, if you say or do something stupid, you will become material for his show. Matt’s favorite topics are stupid people, old Nazi’s, dating life, and the devil, all delivered artfully behind the microphone. Matt’s style is still developing though and he admits to frequenting Wal-Mart to dig up the comedic goldmine of stupid human tricks or trolling Facebook and Twitter for fresh material. Matt even finds humor within his own family, targeting his right-wing mother and her Facebook status updates.

Matt’s future is definitely in comedy and after visiting Ireland where stand-up is performed without a microphone, in a subtle storytelling manner, he has gained new insight on his own work. Though he has submitted several YouTube videos in an attempt to perform at comedy festivals, he has yet to be a part of something so big. For now, Koot’s Comedy is where it’s at. If you are interested in seeing Matt perform, your chances are many. Upcoming events include the 1st Annual Royal Rumble Roast Off, WWE style at Chilkoot’s or you can find him on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Follow Matt: @burgoonm, and maybe he’ll even include your 140 character antics in his next show.