Pot Luck Events

By Jesse Busick | TDL Publisher


On November 04, 2014 a strange turn of events took place.  Thousands of Alaskans lighted up with a sense of relief and relaxation while the Alaskan Government on February 24, 2015 became paranoid by passing “Emergency Regulation” AS 17.38.040.  The initiative gave the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board the “green light” to set in motion a new bowl full of regulations in regards to the taxation and regulation of marijuana.


With all new ground breaking legislation, there seems to be that awkward moment at first.  The first step is the most unsure. And yes, we as a state have had some missteps at first.  Just recently, a local cannabis club was raided for a misstep supposedly.


According to initiative AS 17.38.040 and The State of Alaska’s website, “the ABC Board has nine months from the effective date, which is 90 days after certification of the act by the elections division, to develop the regulations. It also says that, “there is a sixteen month time frame from the effective date before the first commercial marijuana businesses will begin operating.” They said that applications will be accepted by February 24, 2016 in order for the first licenses to be issued by May of 2016 for the selling of Marijuana in Alaska.

IMG_8650 copy

From left to right in the middle – Theresa Collins, Jami Hicks and LuAnn Wendt. Owners of Pot Luck Events.

This past July, four Alaskan business women who have known each other for over 20 years discussed what they would do if Proposition 2 passed. After February of this year due to the government’s initiative Theresa Collins, Jami Hicks, LuAnn Wendt and a “fourth partner”, discussed if it was even possible to conduct business as a marijuana outlet.



The four who are represented by their company’s four leaf clover logo sought out the services of local attorney Lance Wells.  There seemed to be a “loop whole”, in the current initiatives that allowed a business to create an environment that provided a private club atmosphere with the understanding that the sale of Marijuana was prohibited. The four created Pot Luck Events and immediately showed how lucky they were on February 24th of this year by signing their intent to lease at 420 W. 3rd Ave in Downtown Anchorage.  According to urban legend, 420 was the time of day that a dozen High School students used to meet in 1971 on campus to smoke a little weed.  The exact accuracy to the story has always been in question but what is not in question is that the number 420 is a rallying guru for all who “partake” in a little (or a lot) of weed.


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