Hangover Sunday

with Jesse Busick | March 29, 2015


My life has changed some since I started The Daily Ledge.  It’s not uncommon to find me the next morning or the continuation from yesterday, at a local bar covering a hot new act, a tattoo shop filming the human canvas and a pot club where contact high is unavoidable. Not unlike my finance days, some of these interviews are over drinks (and more drinks).


Needless to say, I have become more and more interested in the traditional hangover remedy.  I know there are many opinions on this matter and I expect and count on your input.  We will be posting “Hangover Sundays” each week.  Every week we will be highlighting local Alaskan remedies for the perfect Sunday recovery.  For our first Sunday, I chose a no brainer – Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant.

Gwennies is located at 4333 Spenard Rd here in Anchorage for those of you who have not had the pleasure.  The multi storied plaster and stone building with Alaskan art stands as a beacon of hope right across from the House of Harley-Davidson shop.  The true sign of a popular breakfast stop is the parking.  I had to park two blocks up the street (come to think about it, I’m not sure if I have ever actually parked in their parking lot).


I have always felt at home when I stop by Gwennies.  They are very casual in their approach with over 30 years of perfecting their service.  “Moe” greeted me when I walked in.  She sent me over to the bar when she saw that it was just me (Every table was full).  Moe grew up running around the restaurant with her Grandfather who is good friends with the owners.  It’s evident that she grew up around the restaurant by the way she calls everyone, “sweetheart” and “doll”.

bloody mary1

For this Hangover Sunday, I chose one of their famous Bloody Marys with a Reindeer sausage breakfast. As I looked across the room, practically every table had a Bloody Mary present. Vodka, tomato juice, garnish and spices.  Basically a glass full of vodka with a little bit of coloring.  Hair of the dog – check.  Even though it’s been years since I stopped believing in Santa Clause, I always feel a little guilty ordering the Reindeer sausage breakfast (just saying…what? I do). This plate is a ¼ full of sausage along with two eggs with home fries and toast. Greasy meal – check.


The old couple at the end of the bar had fun watching me pull out my iphone every time a remedy was delivered.  The couple said that they had been coming to Gwennies for twenty six years.  They were buying five or six Gwennies t-shirts for the grandkids as I walked out.


The walk back to the truck was easier than the walk to the restaurant.  Feeling better – check.