A Record Day

By Keldon Irwin | The Daily Ledge   While Mammoth Music has been carrying vinyls dating back to the owner's former CD store in the 90's. Obsession Records (the new kid on the block), opened in 2014 and both Anchorage stores scored Record Store Day vinyls.   Andy Tholberg, sales associate at Mammoth said they share [...]

Inside The Mind Of Tak Havoc

He Has A Natural Flow In His Music And With People ♠ Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge   Tyler Alexander ( AKA Tak Havoc), was recently highlighted on Freestyle Wednesday.  He was kind enough to sit down with TDL and do a quick Q&A.   We were impressed with his professionalism.  I had to [...]

Time To Roost!!

The snow is gone and the mud is here and the bikes are out. ♠ Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge May is closely approaching and the Anchorage Racing Lions are in full gear.  ARL are a member club of Lions Club International. They promote motocross racing for all ages and they, " host the Anchorage city [...]


Tamerlane, A Local Punk Band That Is Quickly Gaining Speed ♠ By Jesse Busick | April 13, 2015 I arrived Friday night in the parking lot behind Pasta Avanti (the venue for the night's show.) The rain was coming down lightly so In true Alaskan form, I covered my camera with a Fred Meyers bag and headed [...]

Johnny Kohler

There is a new frontal assault on the acceptance of Hip Hop in Alaska.  For years these very talented musicians have relentlessly stood on stage (any stage that would take them) and told their personal stories. Sometimes the only complimentary sound to their words is the echo of encouragement, " come on!, yep, yep!... you [...]