Snarley Brown

The Fiesta Room Tonight

April 04, 2015

“Fair weather friends pretend they never left me drying. But where the F..k you at when I was cold dead broke or dying? They see me climen while I’m diggen, high up on a gold mine. Walk up front, waited no lines. Did this sh.t with no cosigns.”


Those lyrics are from one of Snarley Brown’s new songs that he has been working on called Bounce.  He says of the song, “ It’s me forgiving myself….and I know who was there and who wasn’t..”  Having had his share of hard times (some self inflicted), Snarley Brown through hard work and the help of some good friends, has the wind at his back.  He will be opening up for Riff Raff tonight at The Fiesta Room.


Speaking of the Hip Hop scene in Alaska, he says, “ we are still kind of pioneers after we build a following….there is no venue that lets us play continuously.”

As we talked there was an intense focus to the conversation.  He’s very driven in regards to his short and long term plan for his music.  I first saw that look on his face back in December of last year for the Word 2 The Wize AK Battle League event at TapRoot.  While his opponent  on stage nervously paced the stage in front of him, he calmly stood with a stance of a man that had fallen many times.


I asked about the name Snarley Brown and with a wry smile, he recalled a night when he was sitting at The Avenue Bar pissed off about a woman.  Down at the end of the bar a local yelled out, “ Why are you always snarling? You are always snarling. You look like a pissed off Charlie Brown.”


This pissed off Charlie Brown that goes by Snarley will be hitting the stage tonight at The Fiesta Room opening for Riff Raff at 9pm. Buy Your Tickets Here.

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