Tamerlane, A Local Punk Band That Is Quickly Gaining Speed

♠ By Jesse Busick | April 13, 2015

I arrived Friday night in the parking lot behind Pasta Avanti (the venue for the night’s show.) The rain was coming down lightly so In true Alaskan form, I covered my camera with a Fred Meyers bag and headed over to the van where the members of Tamerlane were waiting. As I approached the van, the  laughing and screwing around stopped and it looked like Caleb the lead singer was giving some sort of instruction to the other guys. It was all business from there on out.


All true punks play to stay true to the music and their friends.  This night was a benefit show to replace some equipment that was lost in a structure fire by RyanVukson and his crew over at Alaska Punks United back in January.  Caleb, Zach, Josiah and Christian jumped out of the van ready to support their buddy but we first headed over to the alley behind the Pioneer Bar for a photo shoot. I jokingly suggested they hop into the dumpster and before I finished my sentence, they were already in.


The band took the time after the show to answer a few questions and share what new projects are in the future.


How long has Tamerlane been in existence and where did the name come from?

Tamerlane has been in existence since late September of 2014. We got our name from the Edgar Allen Poe poem Tamerlane which has themes of growing up and the innocence of things you knew as a child being lost which fit my head space at the time of our inception when I would be up till 4 or 5 am writing and recording demos for the band.


Who are the band’s major influences in music?

Our major influences (or at least the influences that set the first direction of writing for us) range from bands like Deftones, Fugazi, Touche Amore, The Smiths, Thursday, and Sunny Day Real Estate to Black Flag, The Misfits, The Ramones, early AFI and Jawbreaker.


Any plans for a recording session in the near future and what’s the collaboration process like amongst the band?

We are going to begin recording in late May for a full length. We have been thinking about putting a one off single out before that as a teaser but we’ll see what happens. In the beginning I wrote all the songs in my living room alone at 4 am, and it was just stream of consciousness. I had alot of things I had to work out, and that’s what I did. Then I called up my best friend Zach, and two musicians that I had kept an eye on because of their skill and enthusiasm. Those musicians of course were Josiah and Christian. They had all the good qualities of any musician I would have liked to work with, but they weren’t actively gigging at that moment.

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