Time To Roost!!

The snow is gone and the mud is here and the bikes are out.

Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge

May is closely approaching and the Anchorage Racing Lions are in full gear.  ARL are a member club of Lions Club International. They promote motocross racing for all ages and they, ” host the Anchorage city motocross series, support the Rival Park Motocross Series, and co-host the Alaska state Championship motocross series.”   They hold their Anchorage motocross series at the Jodphur Road Motocross Park at Kincaid Park. We recently caught up with Jason Carlson, ARL’s President.


Jason and his family are in their 8th season with ARL and have been racing in Alaska since 2008. He says, “We started out racing the 50 class.  And we loved the family time so much that we now have a 50, 65, 85 and supermini participant and have started our own race team 180 mx racing.”

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4 out of the 9 Board of Directors for ARL race and the other 5 have children who race. From the 50C class to the 450 expert, there is a place for almost anyone who enjoys a day in the dirt with their family.

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I was curious how many local riders take their talent on the road and raced out of state. Carlson said, ” Alaska has had some riders go on to compete in the states.  There’s a number of them:  Dawson Locket is now competing down in Washington, Kraig Reese has competed all over the U.S. As well as Cody Woodworth.  And then the one rider that has gone pro is Ben Lamay.”(Ben will periodically do a race in Alaska when he visits)

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ARL will have a booth at the 22nd Anual Custom Cycle Show at the AT&T Sports Pavilion in Anchorage, Saturday April 18th from 10-6pm and Sunday the 19th from 12-5pm for pre-season sign-ups. You can see their full schedule here. 


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