Inside The Mind Of Tak Havoc

He Has A Natural Flow In His Music And With People

Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge


Tyler Alexander ( AKA Tak Havoc), was recently highlighted on Freestyle Wednesday.  He was kind enough to sit down with TDL and do a quick Q&A.


We were impressed with his professionalism.  I had to bring my daughter Coral with me for the film shoot and he understood how to separate the family world and the sometimes underground world that we both swim in. The F bombs were replaced by “efffen” and he spit his bars with ease.


How long have you been involved in music?

I’ve been involved in music since my freshman year of high school. Used to write hella poems before that though. Mainly for disinterested girls. I got into hip hop specifically around my junior year though. My homie Lance Ye Fly would let me record in his makeshift studio. Gave me lots of pointers.

Tak Havoc, Freestyle Wednesday

Who are your major influences in music?

I’m very heavily influenced by The Pharcyde, Del The Funkee Homosapien, Method Man, Public Enemy…and Enya.


What projects are you currently working on?

The glorious Johnny Kohler and I are pretty much done with this new project, “Weird Valley”. It’s short like me and sweet like Johnny. I also have the MADTAK EP underway with my hero and mentor, Madd Angler. Kohler produced every banger on there as well. Then finally, I’m about half way thru the recording process of “Letters Memos & Notes On Perspective” or as I like to call it “LMNOP” best part of the alphabet). That one’s gonna be a full album, we’re about 6 tracks deep in that. Really dope stuff too, this is my first time working with Darius Dossman, who’s producing the whole thing. We’re also working on a side project, just me and him, rappin’ over his smooth ass production

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, I’m told that China will be invading around 2017, so if I’m lucky…maybe Britain, if they’re chill. Lots of dope hip hop there. Or Australia. Or some internment camp, if I’m not lucky. I’ll be rappin’ and singin’ wherever though.


If you could meet anyone (alive or dead) who would it be? And why?

I’d like to meet Nancy Reagan. Why, is actually unprintable. But the runner up would be Terence McKenna, mainly to just smoke weed and shoot the shit. George Carlin is another runner up.