Boston Bruins, guitarist on fire, and house parties…Vanna’s front man Davey opens up.

Chris DesOrmeaux, TDL | 5/9/2015

Just finishing up with their two month long Hold On, Pain Ends Tour, Vanna’s front man, Davey Muise sat down with me for a few minutes to chat.


With the upcoming shows next week in Anchorage, I wanted to highlight this band from Boston. From everything I have seen, they put on incredible live shows. Davey spoke of keeping the “house party” music scene alive in New England, gave some band recommendation, and shared about the bands undying love of the Boston Bruins.


Hearing the excitement about coming to Alaska tells me that this is going to be a show that they are going to undoubtedly give every ounce of their being.


The Daily Ledge: Can you give me a brief history of the startup of Vanna?


Davey Muise: The guys in the band started the band in college. They all went to art school together. That was in early 2005. We’ve gone through a couple different members in the past. We signed with Epitaph in 2007. I joined the band 6 years ago. After I joined the band, we started to tour to the ends of the earth. We’ve been trying to go wherever we could. That has been the mission of the band, is to live and breathe on tour.  Anyone we can make a connection with or share a night with that is where we are trying to go.


TDL: With members of the band leaving and joining, what are some negative and positives that come with those changes?


DM: You know, it’s been so long since we have even talked about it. We have had the same line up now for the past 4 years.  There are no real negatives. Its positive when someone wants to leave and pursue something in their life that will ultimately lead to their happiness and when someone wants to join the band and add to it, it’s also positive. The spirit of Vanna has stayed.


TDL: I’ve seen a lot of live video of Vanna. There is a certain energy level that comes from the stage to the crowd. This is a reason I am excited to see you guys play. How do you connect with the crowd during your shows?


DM: This is the thing for us, everything we do in our entire lives, everything we do at home, we base around 30 minutes on the stage. We are going to take every bit of our lives and cash it in and explode it on the stage. That’s all we’ve got.  It’s really like those 30 minutes define you, who we are, what we’ve done in the last couple of years. We want to put all our emotion into that one time. For kids, that might be the only time that these kids are coming out to a show , that really have a moment to be their selves and not be judged and not have to looked at from school or work. Some of these kids are coming from rough homes and are constantly under the eye of someone. So it’s 30 minutes for us to be us and also for that kid to have freedom. They choose to take 30 minutes out of their lives to come see us. That’s insane. It’s our energy and their energy that fills the room, it’s not people.


TDL: Vanna passed the decade marker last year. What does that mean to you guys as a band?


DM: Mick and Shaun, they started this band and for me being friend with them when I wasn’t in the band. And now touring with them for the past 6 years, I am so proud of them. They have had opportunities to do other things. I am very proud of them for all the hard work they’ve shown. These guys are my best friends. We travel all around the world. We have gone through ups and downs. There is always opportunity to get better, it has never taken a downward plunge. (Continued)


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