Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire is ready with new material for Road to Warped Tour June 17th Anchorage, Alaska.

Chris DesOrmeaux, TDL

May 17, 2015

Amongst their very busy schedule, Memphis May Fire’s front man Matty Mullins was able to give some insight into the band and share his excitement of coming to Alaska.


Memphis May Fire has been around for a decade. They came into the scene under the name Oh Captain, My Captain, and hail from Dallas, Texas. As veterans of The Warped Tour, they consistently bring a powerful set. From the hard downbeat guitar to the hardcore vocals that have equally as powerful clean contrast, Memphis May Fire is a band that brings the energy while on stage.


The Daily Ledge: What’s one of your biggest memories while on the tour over the years.


Matty Mullins: I was never able to go to Warped Tour growing up, so my first experience of Warped was playing it in 2012! That will always be an awesome memory for me.


TDL: Your last album had a deep feeling of hitting rock bottom and overcoming that. What was your influence for that album?


MM: UNCONDITIONAL is the only story I could tell while writing that record. It was the darkest time of my life, but it forced me to reach out & trust God in ways I never had before. Every story of hope must start with sorrow, & UNCONDITIONAL has it all.


TDL: What did you do to make Unconditional stand out from previous albums?


MM: We don’t do anything specific with the intention of “standing out”. We just write the absolute best music we can & let it speak for itself. We are always growing & our music is too. 


TDL: Are there any bands you have heard recently that we should look out for?


MM: I love Mikky Ekko’s new record called “Time”. Really hoping for new a Paper Route album this year as well! 

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TDL: I hear you guys are working or planning on starting the process of new music. What can fans expect from the new songs?


MM: We’re always writing & we’re hoping to start tracking a new record at the end of the year, but we’re gonna be dropping some new music this summer so watch out for that!


TDL: What song or artist is a current guilty pleasure for you?


MM: I love Rascal Flatts. Always have, Always will.


TDL: Have you ever been up to Alaska before?


MM: No! This will be our first time & we are so excited! 


TDL: What can Alaska expect from Memphis May Fire on June 17th and what are you most looking forward to about coming to Alaska?


MM: You can expect us to give 100% in our live show & you’ll be hearing some new material as well. SO EXCITED to see the sights & experience 23 hours of light!


Check out their newest video for The Rose off of their latest album Unconditional.


Make sure to catch Memphis May Fire on the main stage June 17th at The Road to Warped Tour.