MC Lars talks dreams, Dragon Blood, and Zombie Dinosaurs

Chris DesOrmeaux | TDL

May 18, 2015


MC Lars is no stranger to using technology in his profession. According to wikipedia, he is the self-proclaimed originator of “post-punk laptop rap.” So he was very understanding when my recorder, unknowingly, failed during the interview. In the “take two” interview, we got to talk about how the ever-changing technology is a blessing and also a curse at times.


During our discussion, Lars, a veteran to The Warped Tour, I asked him what is one thing that he would like to do in Alaska. Most bands, when asked this question, say something to the effects of “I’d love to see your beautiful state” or “I want to see a bear or moose”. His response was slightly different and very selfless. He explained that a dream of his is to travel to Barrow, Alaska. He said that he wants to go to one of the most remote places in the states and teach rap, writing, and poetry workshops. By this one response you can tell a lot from Lars. He loves his art and wants to share it to anyone possible. You also get a deep sense of connection.


I met Lars about three years ago and there was an instant friendship. When asked about his connections with his fans he corrected me and said “it’s about having friends not fans”. He has used multiple times for album funding and with great success.


He has a new album coming out this year and is busy filming music videos and promoting. I asked him how he balances other aspects of his life out with his music.


MC Lars: I think the trick is having time to do other things, like drawing, time in nature, and time with family. It’s nice to make sure that when I do something, I am focused and efficient with my time.


He explained that his favorite part of touring with The Warped Tour is “waking up early and putting up posters. It’s a tour that really promotes hard work and initiative, I love it.”


We got down to some nitty gritty questions and discussed the new single Dragon Blood off of his upcoming new album, Zombie Dinosaur LP. When listening to Dragon Blood, you get hard guitar riffs with lyrical euphoria coming in strong. Lars said that he had a great time working with Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist. They were trying to give the song a “dragon metal” feeling that reflected Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones reference). “It was the perfect song to reflect her swag.” (Continued)