I Capture Castle

beers 4 You

TDL Gives I Capture Castle 4 out of 5 Beers.


Salt Lake City has produced its fair share of rock bands. One that you might not have heard about has been around for a good 6 years. I Capture Castle got on the scene in 2010 with their debut EP, Throw Me The Rope. They are dubbed an electronic hardcore band. I had the chance to check out their latest single Coal Mine Canary, from their upcoming album Day Dreamer. This track features Matt Wentworth of Our Last Night.

The song starts off with a brief eerie intro. You instantly feel the energy when the sharp hard-hitting guitar starts. The deep punching lyrics bring the mind provoking lyrics through. Once the chorus comes in you get a surprise. Matt Wentworth’s vocals are a perfect Coheed and Cambria style contrast to the lower growl of vocalist Marcus Gressman.


Be on the look out for the release of their album Day Dreamer. You can find out more about I Capture Castle here.


Chris DesOrmeaux |TDL