ISSUES is a band that appears to have none. Frontman, Tyler Carter explains that there is more than hype with their band.

May 26,2015

By Chris DesOrmeaux | TDL

As part of the special for The Road to Warped Tour, today I give you ISSUES.


Front man, Tyler Carter, was able to break away from their current Future Hearts Tour and share a little about the very quick uprising of the band. I would categorize them in a metalcore genre. You get a sense of strong R&B background merged with a Nu Metal feel. I would go as far as saying it is a blend of P.O.D, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit. The unique sound of ISSUES is exactly what took them from their solo projects to a full headlining touring band within a year. The struggle now is going to be keeping it going. They are going to attempt that with their upcoming album due out this fall with Rise Records.


The Daily Ledge: For those that may have never heard of ISSUES, give me a brief run down of the history.


Tyler Carter: Me and Michael (Vocalist) had been best friends for years. We were in a band called Woe is Me and other local bands together. We have been running together for a long time. In 2012, I met a DJ producer named Scout, Tyler Acord. We started touring together and we started writing music together. We both had a love for rock and metal. We decided to start writing for a side project, which kind of formed into Issues. We recorded other members as time went on. Everybody in the band was a great writer and contributor to what we were doing. Before you know it, we had a thing on our hands. My fans started rumors that I had a new band. It was kind of prematurely anticipated by the fans and press. We had a really quick uprising that first year and it has been up hill since. We have been doing bigger and bigger tours and headliners and festivals. It has just been an awesome time. Our debut album started out at #9 on Billboard. We sold over 20,000 the first week. It was wild. It was much more than we could have imagined in the first year as a band.


TDL: Do you think there is any negative in that quick of an uprising for you guys?


TC: The only thing scary is about that quick of an uprising is you don’t want to be considered that you’re just hype. You want to be considered a band that has a tight cult following and continues to build and grow and learn. We don’t want to be the band that people think is just a trend.


TDL: Do you think that the upcoming album will prove that ISSUES is here for a while?


TC: You know, we hope so. But there is a lot of gambling with hope and actual strategy. We want to do the music that we want to do and have been known to pull that off. Be kind of fearless with the styles that we play with. We know there is a strategy that comes with making a follow up album. Your sophomore record if almost more important than your debut. Especially when your debut was really successful. I think the song writing of our new record has been enhanced. We are all better writers than we were on our last record. We are taking a lot more time to devote into writing it.

issues02 copy

TDL: With Tyler just stepping out for a bit of the touring, what does thachange for the experience the crowd will get. Who is filling in?


TC: We were really kind of nervous about it at first. It has always been kind of a cool factor for us to have a DJ. He also has a really vital role in overall album process in the recording aspect. It is making things a lot more crucial for the album. He has a lot more time to spend on the record. Time is in our favor this time. It might suck for our live, but it’s better for the album perspective. We are on tour with All Time Low right now, so our fans have been growing and adding to our core fans.


TDL: How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job? (Continued)