Joelene Conley

Do you remember when you got your first Tattoo?

My first tattoo was an in-house tattoo done in my living room when I was 20. I got what you call a tramp-stamp. It’s two roses,an hour glass and an eight ball fading into the sand with tribal interpreted into it. The two roses represented my son and I and the hour glass was based on time, ( we have one life so it should be lived in the time we have) and the eight ball for calling your own shots in life and the tribal represents the many paths in life and what we make of them.


 Have you always been interested in modeling? 

I was practically raised in it. My mom used to model in her time and then would occasionally have fashion shows that she would stick me in and I’ve always been self conscious about myself because I have hypothyroidism which causes the body to fluctuate in weight (not that I was ever super heavy but my ultimate self conscious lies in my skin disorder called psoriasis, for which there is no cure.) As a child growing up I had many challenges due to my skin disorder. There was taunting and teasing from other class mates but I had found the courage to stand up for myself and just explain what I had was something NOT contagious but something hereditary. I Learned to cope with my spots and accepted my body for the way it was. There were times it would get so bad that I would look like a human leopard.  I now get injections and that has helped considerably. So, as far as my leopard print tattoo on my shoulder goes, that is my most meaningful tattoo allowing me not to hide behind my spots but to acknowledge and show people that my spots don’t make me who I am! I am who I am because of my challenges. (Continued)