We Came As Romans


By Chris DesOrmeaux | TDL

May 28, 2015

We Came As Romans (WCAR) is a metalcore band out of Detroit, MI. They started out as friends in high school and after some member changes ended up starting one of the most popular metalcore bands around. Made up of six members, they take total control over any stage they set foot on. Their musical background is diverse and they each bring different contributions to the table. When they mix it all together they bring their fans something unique and spectacular. You hear a strong Underoath influence in their early albums that blends with their own sounds into their newer albums. With each release they strive to push themselves to learn more about the art they are trying to perfect.


We All Love Taylor Swift. We All Want To Date Her

Dave Stephens

When I sat down with We Came As Romans’ frontman and guitarist, Dave Stephens, their 2015 season was just picking up speed. They closed out 2014 strong and started focusing on their new album due out this summer. Dave explained to me how they are very careful with releasing any information about the albums before they are released. This being their fourth studio record, they aren’t changing that now. I asked if we would hear any new stuff during the Road to Warped Tour. Dave told me that they are waiting for the right time on releasing any singles or playing anything new. He said that it’s not completely out of the question.


The Daily Ledge:  How has 2015 been for you guys, so far?


Dave Stephens: Very slow, so far. We are doing a lot of business stuff right now. We haven’t played a show yet. We took some time off to record our most recent record, which will be out this summer. Well, I shouldn’t say slow. We have been working on things, doing photoshoots, and music videos. Everybody is super anxious to get out on the road. We are leaving this Monday, that’ll be awesome. We are doing Southeast Asia, straight to Australia, Alaska, and then starting the continental warped tour.


TDL: The Warped Tour has artist workshops along the tour. This gives fans a way to sit down one on one with their idol and learn from them. You guys are a part of this. Tell me why you feel this can add to your band and fan relationship.


DS: Yeah, three of us are doing the workshops. It’s nice to be able to answer their questions. We get to hang out with them in a more personable setting. I’ve always been into teaching. My mom is a teacher. My dad is a teacher. It’s something I enjoy doing, so I think it’ll be cool to connect to our fans a little bit more.


TDL: In the past, you have done two songs on the Pop Goes Punk albums. How was that? Did you get to pick the songs you wanted to do?


DS: They sent us a list of songs that they recommended us doing. We saw Trouble by Taylor Swift. There were a couple others.  We just thought Trouble would be our best bet.  We all love Taylor Swift. We all want to date her. We had a cool vision for the song. We like making spoof videos of our covers too. We thought we could make a really funny one off of hers. Everything just lined up for the song. (Continued)