Magnum Opus

Strapped with vests and ties around their necks, Magnum Opus took the stage like the Earp brothers in a scene from Tombstone.


By Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge | May 29, 2015

The Warped Tour scene has been monopolized by hardcore metal as of recent and the first All Ages Battle for the Warped Tour in Anchorage a few weeks ago was no different.  It was at this show that I first ran into Magnum Opus.


They are a five piece band from Alaska. You have Ayden See as Lead Vocals, Ryan Reid on Lead Guitar, Garrett Hermansen on Guitar/ Vocals, Ben Mattox on Base/Vocals and Wade VonHeeder on drums.


It takes a snake charmer to charm a room full of snakes and with one of the categories being stage presence, the five did just that. Even though these guys are young there is an old soul to the chemistry they bring to a show.  A room that moments earlier was circling the stage like a bunch of crazed Navajo on peyote as they moshed was calmly rocking on their heels and clapping as Magnum Opus played.


The Daily Ledge caught up with these snake charmers to see where they are coming from.


We think that limiting yourself to a single demographic or genre is not only detrimental to your band, but also to music as a whole.


TDL: What gigs have you as a band played since your conception in January of this year and what is the future looking like for venues?


MO: We came out of the gate playing a sizable show of around 300 people at a talent show hosted at Soldotna High School. After that our next big gig was playing at a showcase at the Anchorage Hard Rock Cafe standing room only. After that, we recently played for the Battle of the Bands on The Road to Warped Tour, unfortunately to no avail. However, we will be playing the prime time slot of the Kenai River Festival. We are also looking into venue space now for future gigs to be determined.

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TDL: Please explain the collaborative process in the band in regards to the creation of your music.


MO: Normally, somebody will bring forth a melody, riff, lyrics, what have you, and the pieces that are missing become apparent as each member offers their contribution. The main idea of a song is always in mind, but sometimes it’s adapted as it evolves. We try to build around moods and ideas rather than genre. (Continued)