Tommy Rocksit

TDL Recently caught up with Tommy Rocksit. He is an amazing artist out of Southern California who is taking the things in his life that he is passionate about and sharing them on canvas.


He will be our artist of the week in our DATROOM. You can also find his work on his Facebook page-tommyrocksitart.


Tommy Rocksit: I┬ástarted painting for fun in about 2009… and since then I have painted over 1000 originals… all over the USA and Canada ….I really love painting and creating art in any form….I played in a band many years prior to painting so I guess creative artsy things have been a part of me since I was prob 15 16 years old I’m 32 now.

How long Have you been doing these pieces on musicians?


I actually just started doing the musicians late may…. the idea came to me after the Legend BB King passed away and i did a memorial painting for him… and people just really were into the style I did of him so I ended up doing a few more… Tim mahoney from 311….Brandon Boyd from Incubus….and Carlos Santana to name a few. Yes I do play music (I record and produce music for bands and musicians). I’m really into reggae rock type music Sublime and 311.


Who are the major influences in your art?


To be honest I don’t really have much of an influence of a person.. just paint the style I know…. which is new colorful I guess lol… but I must say I love Drew Brophy style…..he has mad skills.


What medium do you enjoy working in the most?


I like using anything and everything…. creating art shouldn’t be limited to what you use,more like how you use it.. lol.


I will paint till I die and try to give the world as much as I can with this gift I have been blessed with


What do you do when you are not creating art?


I love hanging out with my daughter she is turning 2… and I’m really into playing guitar….my wife who really is the rock behind what I do is always fun to hang out with and just be in each other’s company ..she supports my long hours and sleepless nights painting my canvas and art.


I’m still amazed daily that people actually like my art …10 years ago this is the last thing I would imagine I’d be doing …peace and love to you all !!!