By Jesse Busick | The Daily Ledge | June 3, 2015


Ronnie, Matt and Michael have created an environment on stage as of recent that is not safe by any means. Not Safe in the manner of not knowing what direction they will take you next.  One minute Matt’s guitar is seducing the crowd into a peace like state and the next moment Not Safe has the crowd screaming, “Everybody Hates You, They Just Wanna Kill You!!”

Funny Thing Is… I Thought It Was, “….Bitches Want To Kill You!!” Turns out that it was just my hang ups and I do plan on some sort of counselling when this is all done.

These three were kind enough to let TDL get into their heads a bit and find out whether the future of Alaska music is safe or not.

“Everybody hates you, Bitches want to kill you”. Very catchy chorus with it’s touch of dark humor. Explain the backstory

Matt: Haha first off I think it’s funny people thought the lyrics were “everybody hates you bitches wanna kill you’’ it’s “everybody hates you they just wanna kill you.’’ It’s about two  things, A) some of the insecurities I was going through and  B) a fall out I had with a friend and sort of assuming what people thought of me afterwards.

…we all just wanna enjoy the chaos we make and see where it takes us. 



You guys play a very fluid and diverse set . What are some of the major influences that have contributed to Not Safe’s Style?


Ronnie: I just kinda take it from whatever gets me, its hard to say cause I can take influence from Deftones one day than Kendrick Lamar the next day haha.


Michael: I only know one scale and I learned it the night before the Warped Battles, while watching Youtube videos of cats. It helps me be musical and shit.


Matt:I go through a lot of phases musically, one month I’ll be really into someone like Johnny Cash and then the next month I’m listening to Foo fighters or something classical. Recently I’ve been really listening closely to Elliott Smith, Gin Blossoms Oingo Boingo.


Ronnie: We’re always on different kicks, like Matt and I have been getting into more weird Goth stuff and I think that shows a lot with the stuff we’ve been making. (Continued)