Chris DesOrmeaux | TDL | June 15, 2015


Founded in 2003 in London, England, TAT has been promoting their first album for almost 6 years. SOHO Lights (2008) was released in the United States and was the force behind their continued touring for years to follow. Talking to singer Tatiana DeMaria, I heard a lot of excitement when she discussed their upcoming album. Hearing her music, I can tell that she literally put everything into her music.


The energy and stage presence reminds me of that old school punk rock from some of the greats like NOFX, Rancid, and Pennywise. Besides being ecstatic to be coming to Alaska, she says that she is totally ready for some King Crab.


We bring everything we have to our live shows and if we stand out, great.

Tatiana DeMaria

The Daily Ledge: Tell me a brief history of TAT.


Tatiana DeMaria: We started out in England. We were all friends of friends and we got together and I kind of just grown up on a diet of punk rock and gangster rap really. I wrote a bunch of songs. As a kid you kinda put bands together and one thing led to another. We became this three-piece lineup and started touring. We got lucky in England. I wrote this album in high school and when we finished we hit the road immediately. We hit the road for six years promoting Heights. It was pretty intense and great. It made us a stronger band. It was also tough promoting the same album for 6 years. So we kind of took a break for a year and writing a new album. We are piecing it together now.


I remember my manager saying, when I was 17, that it is the first album that’s your lifetime of inspiration and work and the second one is made quickly and thrown out there. The interesting thing with us is there is 6 years between albums. In that time I’ve grown and somewhere in there I’ve started writing in different styles. I am inspired by everything. The second album is very different. We are putting out a song on Warped Tour here in the next couple week. It will be a stand-alone 7in.


Are you going to be debuting any new material when you are up here in Alaska?


Tatiana DeMaria: Yeah, there will be a couple of songs that will be on the new album that we will play in Alaska.


How has 2015 been for you so far?


Tatiana DeMaria: It has been hectic. It’s been great. It is nice to book a tour and get back on the road. We will be in the studio finishing things up this summer. It’s great getting things organized. It’s great getting to connect with our fans. We got some big things coming this next year. There are a lot of things to piece together.


What do you guys do to stand out or get inspired?


Tatiana DeMaria: I don’t really try to stand out. Music has shifted in a lot of ways. There isn’t really a rock and roll music market out there right now. Sometimes I hear things on the radio, and I’m not hearing things that I’d like to hear. And that can be just as inspiring. Sometimes you create things that you’d like to hear and that can make you stand out. For the most part, I just write the most honest songs that I can. We bring everything we have to our live shows and if we stand out, great.


It was very fun to meet some of the crew from the Deadliest Catch and get hammered with them.

Tatiana DeMaria

You guys do a lot with social media.


Tatiana DeMaria: We did have a strong online presence. We were really big on Myspace, but now it’s kind of shifted. I think it has been really really good for smaller bands to get out there and connect with their fans. What’s been really wonderful is back in the day you’d go out and buy an album and you’d hear stuff on the radio or from your friends. And that’s what I love, because the search and discovery is just that more thrilling. On one hand I think it great people get to discover more music, on the other hand it’s a little overwhelming to know where the fuck to stop. But I think it has been really good for people to reach their fans.


If you sign to a major label they will fuck you harder, for the most part. With file sharing there is a lot more pressure on bands to create songs that sell. And what that does is it creates commercial music. I think that it is created to sell not to inspire and move. Not saying all music, just saying that there are those that are under pressure to do that. I love being able to connect with our fans. I love being able to throw a track up and say “here you go guys, if you like it, enjoy it, here it is.”


How many years for Warped?


Tatiana DeMaria: We’ve done warped, I think four times now.



What are some memories you have from being on Warped?


Tatiana DeMaria: We’ve had tons of really good memories. Warped tour has really been a massive key player in our career, as far as establishing us here in this country. In England you don’t really get the opportunity to play with your idols because they are American. In America is a different opportunity, which is quite fun.


Being on tour and I remember meeting NOFX, and bouncing souls, and pennywise. A lot of bands we grew up listening to. That was wonderful. Kevin Lymen, founder of Warped Tour, has been wonderful to us. What is really unique about Warped Tour is the comradery. We’ve forged a lot of bonds with bands from Warped Tour. They’ve invited us on tour with them from Warped Tour. I could say, “oh we got really hammered drunk and there was this one time…” there is a million and one different stories. The main things in the stuff that really created a platform for us and gave us some life long friends. It’s a great place for bands to meet each other.


Have you ever been to Alaska?


Tatiana DeMaria: Yea, we actually were up there a couple years ago. It was fucking awesome. Absolutely loved it. When we got a call asking to go up to Alaska again this year, there was absolutely no doubt we’d do it again. You guys like to party hard which is fucking brilliant. We played in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and a couple shows around. The king crab is great. It was very fun. It was very fun to meet some of the crew from the Deadliest Catch and get hammered with them. You guys have a great great fucking state up there.


Everyone is pumped to see you guys come back on June 17th.


Tatiana DeMaria: That’s great to hear. We are ready. King crab all day, king crab all fucking day!


TAT just finished up a week of shows in New York and they are ready to bring the rock to Alaska. Catch them on the Main Stage June 17th at the Sullivan Arena. For more info on the band and to tell them how excited you are to see them check out their facebook page.