New Found Glory

New Found Glory’s drummer Cyrus talks about changes with the band, Warped Tour and his excitement to be coming to Alaska.

Chris DesOrmeaux | TDL | June 16, 2015


To end our session on The Road To Warped Tour Alaska edition, I caught up with New Found Glory’s drummer, Cyrus Bolooki. The excitement in his voice was obvious, when he spoke about coming to Alaska. He said this was a huge thing for the band and they are all looking forward to it.


New Found Glory is no stranger to the punk/pop music scene. Actually, one could say they are a founding father of the scene. They have given the world the famous Bro Anthem My Friend Over You, and the love tragic melody Head On Collision. With a unique voice leading the group and full of catchy guitar riffs, NFG is a group that has surpassed being stuck in a era. They have carried the punk genre and kept it alive through the years.


Cyrus Bolooki: I got a quick question for you, first off. What time is it there?


The Daily Ledge: It’s 1 in the afternoon here.


CB: 1 o’clock. Ok. So I get to go to a new time zone. That’s nice. Something else I get to check off the list. This trip to Alaska is a whole bunch of firsts. We are really excited.


That is great to hear. Everyone in Alaska is crazy excited to see you guys. I want to say thank you for taking some time to chat. You guys started being a part of Warped Tour in 2001 right?


CB: Yeah, actually two years before that. We started off on a local stage, and a lot of people don’t know that. We started in South Florida on our local stage and by 2001 we had already been on The Warped Tour 3 different times and different stages. We kind of worked our way up to the main stage.


What does it mean to come back after all these years and kind of give back to the tour?


CB: It’s amazing. Warped tour is like an institution. It’s been going on for 20 years now. Growing up for us a couple of the dudes in the band went to the first years of the Warped Tour before it was what it is right now. We are huge fans of Warped Tour. We realize that it was a huge part, at least for us in our scene, in the late 90’s early 2000’s. That’s the tour you wanted to be on. I still feel that way now. Bands dream of trying to get on Warped Tour. We’ve now done it 7 times or 8 times now. We are very gratefully for being able to do whatever it is we can do for the Tour. We are just very happy. I am very happy to see Warped Tour in Alaska. I know it’s a different lineup than the mainland Warped Tour. For us it’s not only a way to play in Alaska, but to be a part of Warped Tour this year.

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Warped tour has added to and changed the music industry over the past 20 years, how have you seen it change and boost the music industry?


CB: Well one of the stats with Warped Tour is that it is the longest running music festival tour out there. In a world where a lot of these music festivals come and after a few years kind of die out, it’s amazing to see Warped Tour continue to re-invent itself, to always find great bands and to always have a reason for kids to come out there. I think it’s a huge testament to Kevin and the bands that he picks, but also to the ideology and attitude that goes behind Warped Tour. It’s not really who is the most popular band or about having massive artists. It’s about a huge group of bands that get together to be able to go around the country and play shows to a lot of kids. I think a lot of people that go to Warped Tour don’t even care so much about who’s playing. You just know you’re going to Warped Tour because it’s a great time. (Continued)