I Capture Castle

With Their Official Release Of DayDreamer Under Their Belt, TDL Caught Up With The Members Of I Capture Castle.  For Our Review Of Coal Mine Canary From DayDreamer…. Read More

By Jesse Busick | TDL | June 19, 2015


Marcus Gressman | Vocals: Born in Tooele, UT. Marcus has an irrational fear of Sharks and Wasps. He has been a vocalist for 7 years now.


Cody Taylor | Vocals:  Introduced to I Capture Castle whilst Marcus was attending one of Cody’s solo folk shows. Born in Outer Space, he enjoys playing RPG’s.


Keaton Stewart | Lead Guitar: Raised in Spanish Fork, UT. Keaton joined I Capture Castle 2 months before graduating High School. He loves watching movies and listening to records.


Travis Mckell | Bass: Originally in I Capture Castle’s predecessor band ‘Six Guns Beyond Denmark’ Travis was born in Salt Lake City, UT. He has an immense love for birds every shape, size and color.


Donny West | Drums: Besides Marcus, Donny is the only original member left in I Capture Castle. Born in Lancaster, CA. Donald picked up his first instrument (the baritone) at age 11.


Jesse Moran | Guitar:  The newest addition to the I Capture Castle family, Jesse was born in Glendale, CA. He has been playing string instruments (Violin & Cello) since the 3rd grade but did not pick up the guitar until 2007






This Is One Electronic Hardcore Band You Want To Keep Your Eyes On.  They Have Gained National Attention From Being Highlighted By Bryan Stars To Playing On The Vans Warped Tour.  They Were Kind Enough To Chat With Us About The Direction I Capture Castle Is Heading.


TDL: How was the release party for Daydreamer?


ICC: The album release show was absolutely intoxicating. We were very excited to finally have the album out and physically in people’s hands. There was not a single person in that venue who was not singing each and every lyric with us. The overall experience was incredible.


TDL: What was it like working with Stetson Whitworth and how did that affect the outcome of Daydreamer?


ICC: Working with Stetson was very refreshing and regenerative. It definitely affected the outcome of Daydreamer in every aspect. This was the first album we decided to do pre-production in the studio before actually starting to record. This allowed us to take the extra time needed to get everything exactly how we wanted it to sound.


TDL:  The intro to The Thirst could easily be the soundtrack for a science thriller. Can you elaborate on the collaborative process that took place on that song?


ICC: The main reason we decided to start The Thirst with a dramatic build was inspired from the theme of the song itself. The lyrics tell a story comparable to that of Tod Browning’s Dracula. We wanted a song that from begging to end kept the listener on their toes.


TDL: Please explain some of the influences (music or non-music) in regards to the band’s style.


ICC: We can be inspired by pretty much anything from a TV show to looking at pictures of galaxies. We are constantly being influenced by anything and everything. Our style never really stays the same, it progresses each time we write music. Each one of us has several different influences. When it comes down to where our style actually derives from it is just simply us trying to be ourselves.


TDL: Are there any plans for the road at this time or upcoming local shows for your new release?


ICC: We will be playing with Letlive on July 14th at The Loading Dock in Salt Lake City. UT. As far as touring goes we are currently in the process of booking.