Saints Of Valory

They’re Opening For The Rolling Stones July 4th At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

JB | TDL | July 3, 2015

Saints Of Valory have only been playing together for four years now and tomorrow they will find themselves on stage opening for their long time heroes, The Rolling Stones.  TDL caught up with them just in time for this insane game changer in their careers.


Front man, Gavin Jasper told us, ” Man I remember watching the Stones play in Rio, Brazil at Copacabana beach to 1.2 million people and thinking man that would be my dream, to be able to tour and play when I’m at that age;so they definitely influenced me and I’m sure every other musician out there too. They just always stayed true to who they were and kept making good music, and that’s how long careers are formed.”

SOV 002

They met of all places, Brazil. Gavin said, “Our guitarist Godfrey (San Diego) and Keyboardist Stephen (Canada) spent some time in Brazil and that’s where we met and years later decided to move to Austin and start this project. It’s been an awesome ride and the 4th of July concert opening for the Stones is making it even better!”

No strangers to traveling overseas, he said, ” We’ve done some gigs in Brazil and Canada, but we’re definitely looking forward to heading over the pond and touring Europe hopefully this year.” After tomorrow, I think they will definitely have some amazing connections for their UK tour.


It was actually on the road where they recorded their crowd favorite, “Fighting“. ” It was recorded when we were on the road between tours, we did it in New York and I love how doing it in that city gave the song a cool urban vibe. NYC is all about the hustle and so is “Fighting” so it was a great match,” Gavin said.

SOV 003

Make sure you go to their Facebook Page and share the heck out of it. These guys are very talented and no doubt will be playing in a town near you very soon.