Arctic Fire

They Are On Fire And TDL Caught Up With Their Manager Jolene Torsen.

JB | TDL | July 7, 2015

What Kind Of Focus And Prep Is Needed In Order To Spin Live Flames Around Your Head?


Confidence. Lots of confidence! There’s a lot of prep involved, there’s a safety area, a spin off area, safety blankets, fire extinguishers, first aid, a specified dance area, make sure none of your costume is flammable, shouldn’t use hairspray, and your stuff can’t trip you up or get tangled. Trained people that can jump in and help out is pretty important and we depend on our safeties to help keep us and others safe.


Jolene: A few years ago I was wanting something that was way out of my normal daily life;something I could turn my focus on and to do something different than the daily grind. I was introduced to fire dancing and became the manager and a performer and safety for Arctic Fire (one of the up and coming fire troupes in Alaska). The group started with a few people that have a dream to make a troupe that is known around the world and we are off to a pretty good start.


What Other Forms Of Art Or Expression Have You Done Before?


I’ve studied burlesque and ballet but nothing formal. In high school I did gymnastics for a few years. I hurt my back about 6 years ago by sneezing. It herniated a disc and there was also stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal column. I ended up having back surgery. That pretty well ended a lot of what I was able to do. Fire dancing. Now that I can do and it’s just as if not more beautiful than other forms of art. That’s another thing that’s great about fire dancing, we have what we call “flow” moments. You just move and it all just flows together and there’s no right or wrong moves, it’s just letting yourself go and becoming one with the moment.

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Why Fire?


Fire is mesmerizing, it has a life, it breathes and eats. Being able to manipulate it is intoxicating and a serious confidence booster, it forces you to concentrate and be respectful. And it’s a lot of fun!


What Are Some Of The Types Of Events That You And Your Troupe Do?


We do all types of events. We have done private birthdays, New Year’s Eve, the Relay For Life, celebration of life, concerts and corporate events.I see me taking Arctic Fire to new heights, to blossom into a well known group that puts on some amazing shows! I work on getting better at fire dancing and of course it’s necessary to become a proficient professional.