Chasing Uncle Ted

January 20, 2016 | TDL

Jesse Busick

I recently had a drive by conversation with Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, Byron Mallott in the Seattle airport.  He was traveling back to Alaska from attending the Arctic Encounter Symposium and I assumed that it was compliant with the state’s restrictions on “restrictions on executive branch travel and hiring…,” that the Governor recently introduced earlier this month.

Clair Richardson from the Lieutenant Governor’s office stated that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor work “24/7″ for the state of Alaska and will only travel if it is considered beneficial to our interests.


I brought up the fact that it looked like the Governor was thinking outside of the box in regards to solving the state’s, ” 3.5 billion hole in our budget,” problem just as Alaska’s State Legislature gets back to work.  He put his head down and mumbled something like, ” Yeahhhh! IIIIII… Knowwww.”


There was no elevator speech and definitely no fight or optimism coming from our Lieutenant Governor.  He was just embarrassed that he was talking about Alaska’s Executive travel ban at the airport.