Chasing Uncle Ted

There was no elevator speech and definitely no fight or optimism coming from our Lieutenant Governor. He was just embarrassed that he was talking about Alaska’s Executive travel ban at the airport.


Zephria is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and a philanthropist. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska she has always been an active member in the community.

Girls Rock Camp Alaska

I recently came across Girls Rock Camp Alaska in an interview TDL did with CJ Marie of the band DIVIDES from Portland, OR. She volunteered this summer at the camp to help her friend Monica Lettner, (GRCA Founder).

Arctic Fire

“Fire is mesmerizing, it has a life, it breathes and eats. Being able to manipulate it is intoxicating and a serious confidence booster, it forces you to concentrate and be respectful. And it’s a lot of fun!”

Saints Of Valory

Saints Of Valory have only been playing together for four years now and tomorrow they will find themselves on stage opening for their long time heroes, The Rolling Stones. TDL caught up with them just in time for this insane game changer in their careers.