Tilted Kilt | March 20, 2015   ANCHORAGE – As Friday night offered an array of music venues, I chose to venture into the Tilted Kilt, where the male servers wear kilts and the waitresses look like Irish Hooters girls. Needless to say it wasn’t the building’s ambiance that drew me in. A band I’ve [...]


Meet Gábor, world traveler and collector of humanity's unique array of photogenic people. He believes in one Human Race and his traveling documentary tells of his incredible journey through beautiful and skilled photography. Much like the 'Humans of' pages, PEOPLEIMEET introduces his fans to people from the world over via posts to social media. Shared [...]

Peer-to-Peer Travel Planning

By Alicia Busick | TDL | 1/4/15 ANCHORAGE – It’s the new way to rent a car in the 21st century and a growing marketplace for smart spending; the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or share economy. For the last decade, P2P business has been changing the way people buy goods and services; people can monetize down time [...]

Zombie Smart Devices

By Alicia Busick | TDL Contributor Friday, 1/30/15 Ever dropped your new shiny smart device? Of course you have; a few more dozen times than you care to admit. There are several techniques to damaging a phone, not just the standard drop and smash. There’s the ‘Crack and Shatter’, the ‘Catapult Surprise’, the ‘Frozen Death’, [...]