Moving Out Of Tight Spaces

By Polly Wirum | Gateways 2 Peace   Sometimes we feel the crunch of what we should do, or what others expect us to do...  To me this feels like a tight restrictive place to be..   I am currently in the uncomfortable place of leaving an old situation and not fully landed in my [...]

Spiritual Center Within…

By Polly Wirum | Gateways2peace | 1/21/15 For all of us that search for so many answers, some big, some not so big....  The answers are to be found with in each of us.  They are also all around us.   Let your feelings, your gut feelings be your trusted guidance.  You are equipped to [...]

Waiting For The Plane To Land

By Polly Wirum | Gateways 2 Peace   This weekend I was catching up with a friend.  As I inquired about her job prospects, she mentioned she doesn’t get excited until the plane lands.  I thought this was very funny.  I get excited just knowing the plane is coming.   This conversation helped me remember […]

Your Life…

Your life is becoming the perfect match for your soul...  01/03/2015   I have been blessed to have many people share intimate pieces of their life with me.  I am always honored by this.  One theme  frequently comes up, as people talk about their life.  It is often a recognition of  what they don't want.. [...]

How Do You Live Your Life?

How Do You Live Your Life? By Polly Wirum Last night, my family and I watched the movie “The Giver”. The theme of the movie is based on a futuristic society that has removed all memories of past generations and social issues. Emotions such as fear and pain no longer existed,.... but neither did love. [...]