DeadPhish Orchestra

Close your eyes.  Imagine. Phish and the Greatful Dead had four talented children together. They live in the mystic Boulder Colorado with it's rich Native American roots and energetic college students.   And Waaalaa! You have the well known Jam and Tribute Band DeadPhish Orchestra.  "A seamless web of Phish and Dead to split open [...]

Andrea Nicole Graham

My name is Andrea Graham, I am an Alaskan. Born and raised in the true Alaskan “can-do” spirit, I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to express my entrepreneurism from the time I was a small child. I believe my first business plan was officially transcribed in first grade and involved all of [...]

Painting With Snow

“My “snow paintings” are created using leftover exterior house paint, car touch up enamel, half empty spray paint cans, and whatever leftover paint I can find with snow and ice thrown in…”